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February 19, 2011

Exporting Nokia contacts to .vcf format

I wanted to export the contacts in my Nokia Navigator to .vcf format for using them in my PC applications. But I was exhausted after loads of searching online for this. I found some applications which made me install apps in my mobile, on my PC and they were just useless. But then I thought of converting the NBU (nokia’s backup file) to vcf format. I was left stranded until I found this awesome application NbuExplorer with which you can see whatever there is on the backup file.

So now inorder to convert the contacts on your nokia to vcf format, use the Nokia PC Suite to create a backup of your contacts on your computer. Then use the NbuExplorer to open the backup file just created to view the contacts and convert them to vcf format. It just takes a few seconds unlike other freaking applications.

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